Vampire nails

Today I started to make new glue on nails. It was going to be something sweet with acrylic stars. They turned to be something completely different becouse I was not in mood to make anything cute. I just finished one of the True Blood novels and now I started to read Anne Rice’s books. The atmosphere of a vampires stories a little bit took me in so I made vampire nails – dark but romantic in the same time.

On a black nail polish I added silver glitter. Vampires don’t like real silver, but they like glam so I guess silver coloured glitter is ok for them 😉
On the nail surface I added acrylic roses. I think roses goes good with vampires. To make roses I used soft 3D molds. Hand made roses would be better (ofcourse), but nowadays even vampires accept some industrial innovations.

Most vampires love to party, so their nails must look good in the artificial dimmed lights.

Now I am going back to my books 🙂

Thank you for coming.

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