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Short pink nails with water decals

Recently I was browsing Internet with my friend and we spotted water decals for nails. We both thought – WOW using them would be a time maschine bringing us back to our childchood. I remember that as a little kid I was sticking them on my grandmothers wardrobe doors:)

So I bought one sheet of water decals and tried them on my nails.

I didn’t make nail extensions this time so I just painted my really short nails with regular nail polish and then laid decals on the top instead embeded them them into gel. After drying I applied one layer of topcoat.

I must say I was more happy with application of water decals than regular nail stickers because they are so tiny  so sometimes I stick stickers not in exact position I want. With water decals you can adjust their position before they dry. They are also COMPLETELY flat 🙂

Bad thing was that if you look very close you can see that they are not perfectly printed, but this can happen to a normal nail stickers also.

I was very happy with design. They look like one stroke painting! I would love to learn this technique. Hand painted flowers are so lovely, but not so easy to make (at least for me).

I think I will buy more water decals soon 🙂