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EzFlow – TruGel – Mermaid’s Tail

today I have swatches of EzFlowTruGelMermaid’s Tail to show you.
Mermaid’s Tail is darker blue gel polish with pink/purple and green/blue shimmer.

TruGel Mermaids Tail

Depending on light the shimmer is more or less visible. If the shimmer is sparkling it is turning the gel polish into a pearly violet but without it colour looks more like a dark blue with delicate metallic finish.

TruGel - Mermaids Tail

The shimmer in Mermaid’s Tail is really vibrant and brings a feeling of fairy-tale ocean world. Unfortunately my camera didn’t quite capture this sparks coming from shimmer.

Those swatches are with three coats which are enought for a good coverage. With only two coats the colour is still a bit sheer.

The formula is absolutely great, not too thin not too thick, making the application easy. There was no shrinking or pooling at the cuticles. I really like it!

Thank you for coming!

Simple Violet and Yellow Nail Design

today I have photos of my simple violet and yellow nail design.

Violet and yellow nail design

This time I used regular nail polish instead of gel polish and it felt like forever to wait for my nails to dry.

Simple nail design

On my right hand I made the same design but I reversed the colours.

Thank you for coming!

Violet gel toenails

after a longer break I have for you photos of my new violet gel toenails.

Violet Gel Toenails

This time I made them square.

Gel Toenails

On the big toenail are embedded fine glitter dust, glitter flakes and two colours of star shaped dazzlings.

Gel nail with dazzlings

It is a good nail design for summer. All that glitters and dazzlings shine so bright in the sun. It was tempting actually to add some rhinestones also 🙂

Violet Toenails

Thank you for coming and have a good day 🙂