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Shiny zebra

I think zebra pattern is very nice idea for nail design. You can make it by painting black irregular zebra stripes on white nails, or you can also achieve this effect in faster and more easy way. Just try Konad stamps. Here I used Konad plate number m57. On the top of the nails I put big shiny crystal rhinestones. I put them straight on the wet nail polish but if you want to be sure that they will not fall off, you can glue them on with nail glue. Just remember to not cover the rhinestones with top coat becouse they will  loose shininess. Zebra pattern on plate m57 is for toe nails, it may not cover your nail completly if its too long. You can also make colorful zebra pattern with different colors than just black and white. Maybe in some neon colors?

Snow on nails

Christmas is coming soon and even if you cannot have snow outside your window you can always have it on your nails.
These toe nails are painted with transparent nail polish and than sprinkled with white ‘snow’ glitter. Depending on what effect you want you can put one layer of glitter, two or three. Just remember to press it into the nails for better adhensive. On these nails I put two layers. On the top of it I put shiny rhinestones. I put them on wet polish but if you think they may fall off you can use nail glue.’Snow’ glitter looks beautifuly in the sun! It shining like real deep frozen snow. It also looks great with gel nails. You can easily seal it in and obtain a smooth surface. Just remember if you put rhinestones on the top of the nails don’t paint them with transparent nail polish, becouse they will loose their shininess.