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Blue nails with rhinestones

Today I have for you some simple design made on glue on nails.

As a base I used blue acrylic paint. Than made oval white shapes on each nail. When the white paint dried I noticed that it’s a bit transparent so white turned into very light blue. On the top of ovals I added tiny glitter – let it sparkle 🙂
When paint was dry I applied top coat and sticked blue rhinestones straight on the polish.

That’s it 🙂 I hope you like this design.

Thank you for coming!

Classics Metallic Nail Lacquer with orange rhinestones

Just before Christmas my friend gave me a new bottle of nail polish. It’s called Classics Metallic Nail Lacquer number 8. Never heard of them before.

I usually don’t write here about nail polishes, but this one looks very pretty in the bottle. It’s green metallic which in the bottle changes colour to emerald and blue. You can see on the photo how beautiful it looks throu the glass!

On the nails in most of the lights it looses this blue colour. Still, it’s very pretty metallic green!

Sometimes when the light is not so bright you can see a hint of emerald.

If you read my previous posts you probably know that I am a big fan of nail art, so I didn’t want to leave my nails just covered with nail polish. I wanted something extra on them. Just becouse it’s festiv time of the year I added some orange rhinestones to complete the mani.

Unfortunately this rhinestones are very poor quality, so they are not equal. If you look close you can see how uneven they are. I attached them using regular transparent nail polish. When I am adding rhinestones on the top of gel nails I use nail glue, but with normal mani this feels like a little bit overdoing it. I never add any top coat over the rhinestones, they loose shinines.

I am very happy with my latest nail polish manicures on my short short nails, but probably just before New Year’s Eve I will not resist and I will make some gel extenstions 🙂

Thanks for coming!

Christmas greetings with acrylic flowers :)


Do you already have your Christmas nail designs on your nails? I think I will not have enough time to make my own.
The good thing is that my previous mani is still in good shape so I will not change it.
Anyway, I was thinking that it would be nice to post Christmas Greetings and becouse it’s a nail blog I will also attach some nails picures 🙂
So here they are!

I made this glue on nails long time ago and they were lying in my nail stash. To make them I used baby pink nail polish as a base, then I sculptured pink acrylic flowers and jammed little shiny rhinestones in the middle of the flowers. As everybody knows rhinestones are good so I added some big ones to make this nails a little bit kawaii style 🙂
So what do you think? Are they kawaii?

I wish you very Merry Christmas full of joy, happiness and peace. May Santa be good to you and bring you a lot of  lovely presents!

Thank you for coming!

Almost kawaii glue-on nails

The more I look at kawaii nails the more I like them. They are cute, shiny and always with a lot of things happening on them.

These two nails are not so advanced (and not so cute as proper kawaii nails), just some simple design which everybody can make at home.
The first nail is pained with pink nailpolish and then I added some rhinestones on the top. The second nail is painted with green nailpolish. Then I put an yellow metallic heart on the nail and then glued plastic pearls arround it. To add some more things I put pearly ribbon under the heart. And thats it. Almost kawaii 🙂

Purple toe nails with pink and white flowers

To make these toe nails I used purple gel and nail stickers with pink and white flowers.
Some of those stickers are not smooth but have texture similar to suede. I was curious how this will look embedded into gel but actually you must look very close to see some difference (and with toe nails that’s pretty difficult).

This is again extremely easy nail design. I used here only one trick. Some of the stickers had little shiny rhinestones glued on. If this rhinestones would be covered with gel they would loose shininess. To avoid that I gently detached stones from the stickers and when the nails were ready I painted them with top coat and glued the rhinestones back on the top in the place where they shoud be on the stickers. I don’t know if this will work with all stickers but with mine it went smooth.