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Clay mini lemon cake roll

After making clay birthday cake I started enjoy making miniature sweets. It’s fun!
So this time I made lemon cake roll with cream.

You can slice it so there is more pieces for a dollhouse party πŸ™‚

On this photo I put a match next to the cake so you can see the actual size of the cake.

I love sweets, but I am not so good at making real ones so I will stick to the clay cakes πŸ˜‰

Clay mini birthday cake

Recently I was browsing for mini food in the Internet. All these sweets made from clay look so cute! I was looking, looking and finally I decided to buy some colourful clay and make my own mini cake. The first attempt was not so successful, because the cake had a little accident during baking (you probably can guess what kind of accident :)), so now I made a second one. Its nothing special, just some little birthday cake baked so my dolls will not be hungry πŸ™‚

Those pictures are made before baking. For the beginning I bought very cheap clay for kids, so during the baking the cake lost its colours and it looks faded now. Β The cake is 3 cm wide, maybe next one should be a little bit smaller.

I must say that its a great fun to make this things. I am already thinking about what food I will make next. Dolls cannot be hungry πŸ™‚