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White nails with swirly lollipops

Hello everybody!

A while ago I bought some acrylic miniatures for nails. It was a pack of pink swirly lollipops which you can put on nails or any another surface you desire.

I like them, but I think that they are a little bit to thick so they will be sticking out from a nail surface. There are probably thousants of ways to use them to make some nice kawaii nails, but I don’t have any good idea (yet). So I decided to paint some lollipops on the nails instead.

I used three colours of acrylic paint. White, baby blue and baby pink.

First I painted nails with regular white nail polish. Than I painted lollipops with acrylic paint and when the paint was completely dry I added two layers of top coat.
Effect was nice, but not nice enough. There was empty spaces, so I added some shiny pearls. I think they go good with kawaii style nails.

So here is the end effect:

The lollipops were a little bit clumpy. I am not so good at using acrylic paint, so I guess there was some mistake with painting process 🙂 After applying top coat lollipops looked much smoother.

Do you like swirly lollipops? I never tried them, but I think they look very cute 🙂

Have a nice weekend!

Almost kawaii glue-on nails

The more I look at kawaii nails the more I like them. They are cute, shiny and always with a lot of things happening on them.

These two nails are not so advanced (and not so cute as proper kawaii nails), just some simple design which everybody can make at home.
The first nail is pained with pink nailpolish and then I added some rhinestones on the top. The second nail is painted with green nailpolish. Then I put an yellow metallic heart on the nail and then glued plastic pearls arround it. To add some more things I put pearly ribbon under the heart. And thats it. Almost kawaii 🙂