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Snow White Toenails

today I have for you photos of my Snow White Toenails.

Snow White Toenails

The Snow White face is a sticker. It is not a nail sticker but a regular one cut so it fits to the toenail. The sticker was very stiff and really didn’t want to cooperate while embedding into a gel. Around the Snow White I put silver holo dazzlings.

Blue Toenails

Do you like the nails and toenails designs where every nail is different? I love this trend.

Have a nice weekend and thank you for coming!

Blue toe nails

I haven’t done any gel toe nails since St Valentine’s Day design. It was pretty long time ago and I started to be bored with just nail polish on my toe nails.

I made new one and here they are.

I used dark blue gel. On the edges of a toe nails are embedded pink tiny dazzlings. I wanted to add a little bit of shininess and the look of french nails.
This dazzlings reflect the light from time to time when feet are exposed to the sunlight.

Unfortunately my friend said that this pink colour doesn’t go good with blue, so next time I will embed into this gel some dark blue dazzlings. They will not be visible like the pink one but will give some light reflections from time to time.

On the big toe nails I added stickers with white flowers to make whole design more interesting.

I always promise myself that next toe nail desing will be more detailed, more hand made, but all this bending to reach my toe nails are so tiring that I often just go for some easy solutions like stickers or stamps.
Do you have the same problem with decorating your toe nails?

Thank you for coming!

Green french gel nails


This time I am posting a photos of a green french gel nails. I wanted something really simple and looking happy.

For making this nails I used coloured light green french tips and nail stickers with flowers. I really like this design. Simple and reminding me of spring 🙂

Only one thing I don’t like is that I was to lazy and used green french tips instead of green gel to make nail endings. By glueing tips to the very short nails I made them looking shorter than they actually are. You can see it on this picture of the thumb.

When you are making french nails you should try to make nail bed optically longer, so you want to put smile line as near the free edge of a nail as possible. When you are making artificial french nails or if you are painting french endings on a natural long nails you can also move smile line beyond free edge and hide the real line with not transparent nail polish, gel or acryl. Good thing is also to make smile line a little bit deeper than the natural one especially when your nails are wide.

Thank you for coming!

New Year’s Eve gel toe nails


So Christmas is comming with a big steps. Did you already made your Christmas nail designs? I didn’t 🙂 I am afraid that I will make my nails now and trash them before Christmas Eve, so I am planning to leave this for later. I decided to take care of my toe nails instead. Christmas for me is usually not a time for open toe shoes so I already focused on New Year’s Eve design.

New Year’s Eve is still more than one week from now so I don’t know what clothes I will wear on this occasion. I decided use a design which always fits for this event – silver glitter.
I couldn’t decide if it should be just silver glitter or silver holographic glitter, but in the end I picked the holographic becouse it makes the sparkles more colourful and happy 🙂

Some of my toe nails were a little bit too short so I made gel extensions instead of just sprinkling glitter on a transparent nail polish. I also wanted to get this long lasting high gloss effect carried by the gel nails 🙂

On the big nail I added a black flower. Maybe just before New Years Eve I will attach some silver rhinestones to the nails 🙂

When my nails were ready I realized that I will most probably wear golden stillettos, so I actually should use some golden glitter instead of silver 🙂

I hope I will find some time to make a Christmas nail design and post it in time.

Have a nice day everybody and thanks for coming!

Gel toe nails with snow

Hello everybody!

Long time ago I wrote a post about ‘snow’ glitter. I used special white glitter which looks like snow flakes. The old post is HERE. I haven’t been using this glitter since then so I was thinking that it would be nice to make some new ‘winter’ design. This is how the ‘snow’ looks in the jar.

Actually I love this glitter when it’s used on natural nails just covered with top coat. It’s a little bit rough and gives some sparkles from time to time like a real snow surface. Under the gel the effect is completely different and it looks rather like thick flour than a snow.
So here are my gel toe nails which I am wearing now.

I am not a biggest fan of a white colour so I added some nail stickers with black flowers to make contrast.

Have a nice weekend 🙂