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Golden Rose Magnetic Nail Lacquer swatches

This is just a quick post with some nail polish swatches. A while ago I got a present – bottle of Golden Rose Magnetic Nail Lacquer number 05. I was posting about this polish HERE.

Yesterday I was visiting my friend who is a happy owner of another colour from this collection. We were comparing the polishes and here are the swatches.

There are two colours, number 5 and number 3. I was trying to make as good photos as I can, but I think in reality colours are a little bit different than on the swatches here. Colour of this type of polish also depends on the angle and light becouse it has some metallic dust.
Both photos I took in a daylight.

On the nails this two colours look very similar. I think that 03 gives a little bit stronger stripes effect.
I must say that both polishes are lovely.
I will try to get more of them becouse I definitely love this magnetic effect!

Thank you for coming 🙂

Golden Rose Magnetic Nail Lacquer

Hello 🙂

Yesterday I got a bottle of my first Magnetic Nail Polish. I am so happy! It’s Golden Rose Magnetic Nail Lacquer number 5. It’s kind of pinkish purple colour. It came in set with small magnet which you use to create stripes on your nails.

All you need to do is paint your nails and when the polish is still wet hold the magnet over a nail at a short distance for couple of seconds.
This is how my nails look after painting.

In the beginning I thought that I will go crazy with this polish. I was trying to apply too thick layer so everything looked just bad. I also touched wet nail surface with a magnet couple of times, so there was a lot of repainting:)
Then I discovered that I am trying too hard. Key to the success is just paint the nail with not so thick and not so thin one layer and hoover the magnet. Actually the less precise I was the better pattern appeared:)

You can turn magnet and get a different direction of the stripes. This gives more possibilities for getting fun designs.

I think that this polish is really nice. Easy to apply. It dryes fast. It also shines nicely so you don’t need to put any top coats. I have it on my nails for a whole day and it doesn’t chip at all.
I am really happy with it!

As I said this is my first magnetic nail polish, but I remember that there was similar polish from Loreal, just with a difference, that you could make splash patterns instead of stripes. Did you ever tried it?

I will think about some designs using this polish as a base 🙂

Have a nice day everybody!