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KIKO Nail Lacquer – Pearly Blue Peacock (530)

today I have a swatches of KIKO Nail LacquerPearly Blue Peacock (530) for you.

Kiko 530 Pearly Blue Peacock

As its name suggests this nail colour looks like iridescent peacock feathers. The base is dark blue with loads of shimmer. Depending on the light it changes colour from dark blue to emerald green with a hint of rich violet or golden brown. Unfortunately my camera didn’t quite capture this iridescence.

Kiko 530

The formula of this polish is great and the the application was smooth. These photos are 3 coats of polish and taken after two days of wear.

Kiko Nail Lacquer

Thank you for coming 🙂

Rockstar Toes

Today I have photos of my Green Rockstar Toenails with Nail Foil to show you.

Rockstar Toenails

To make this pedicure I used Soak Off Gel Polish, a loose Green Glitter and Silver Nail Art Foil.

After nail preparation and the base coat I applied three thin coats of gel polish top coat mixed with glitter. I cured each coat and sealed the nail surface with the gel polish top coat to get the smooth base for applying the foil. After curing the top coat I waited a bit and than applied foil on the inhibition layer. If I do it straight after curing the foil doesn’t want to transfer. As a final step I sealed the design with the gel polish top coat.
Unfortunately my super ultra mega shiny toenails are super ultra mega shiny only in strong light. If the light is dimmed the nail foil looks just like regular kitchen tin foil added over glitter. Still I like the effect.

Rockstar Nails

Thank you for coming!

Summer gradient nails

Do you like gradient nails? I love them, so here are my summer gradient nails.

summer nails

I used the sponge technique to make the gradient. I covered it with two coats of top coat. It would be better to apply one more coat because I still see some bumps on the nail surface.

gradient nails

The nail polishes I used are Maybelline Color ShowPink Boom, Pow Green and Cool Blue. Together they create pretty tropical look.

tropical nails

Do you like this design? I think it’s very happy 🙂

Thank you for coming and have a nice weekend.