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Glitter toe nails

It’s been ages since I was wearing gel toe nails so I made new one. I wanted something shiny (as usual) so I made gel toe nails with glitter gradation.

Gel toe nails

To make them I used 5 different shades of pink glitter to build the gradient, which I must say could be better. Here and there are embedded pink bullion beads in 3 shades of pink and the pink transparent dazzlings. I must look very close to see that there are different things inside (which is difficult thing to do with your own toe nails), but main purpose of all this things is that they should just shine.

Glitter gel toe nails

I added some pink rhinestones on the top of the nails but I was not happy with this look. Good that they were attached on the little drop of top coat only, so removing them was easy. If they would be attached on nail glue I would leave them there.

Glitter toe nails

Thank you for coming!

Toe Nail Design with NYC – In A New York Color Minute Quick Dry Nailpolish – East Village

Today I have for you some toe nail design and swatches of a nail polish I used to make it.
So here are the toe nails

I used black nail polish under NYC – In A New York Color Minute Quick Dry Nailpolish – East Village.

On some of the nails I added shiny dazzlings and painted swirls with white acrylic paint.

Over the white paint I added tiny glitter, but unfortunately I cannot see it on the photos.

And now the swatches of the NYC – In A New York Color Minute Quick Dry Nailpolish – East Village.
In the bottle it has amazing colour, but when I first time painted my nails with it I was totally dissapointed. To get the colour similar to the one you see in the bottle you need to apply 3 or 4 coats. It is also difficult to get even coverage because of the thick formula. But if you paint it over the black base you get something amazing! Only one coat of East Village gives the iridescent effect like on the peacock feathers. Depending on the angle of view colour is changing from blue to beautiful glowing green.

1 – one coat of East Village over the black base
2 – two coats of East Village over the black base.
3 – three coats of East Village without colour base.

Thank you for coming!

Blue toe nails

I haven’t done any gel toe nails since St Valentine’s Day design. It was pretty long time ago and I started to be bored with just nail polish on my toe nails.

I made new one and here they are.

I used dark blue gel. On the edges of a toe nails are embedded pink tiny dazzlings. I wanted to add a little bit of shininess and the look of french nails.
This dazzlings reflect the light from time to time when feet are exposed to the sunlight.

Unfortunately my friend said that this pink colour doesn’t go good with blue, so next time I will embed into this gel some dark blue dazzlings. They will not be visible like the pink one but will give some light reflections from time to time.

On the big toe nails I added stickers with white flowers to make whole design more interesting.

I always promise myself that next toe nail desing will be more detailed, more hand made, but all this bending to reach my toe nails are so tiring that I often just go for some easy solutions like stickers or stamps.
Do you have the same problem with decorating your toe nails?

Thank you for coming!

St. Valentine’s Day toe nail art

The 14 of February is comming soon so I already made my St. Valentine’s Day nail art design on my toe nails. Here they are.

I used magenta gel. I decided that I must use some kind of pink or red colour. On the big toe nails I embedded in gel violet fimo hearts. They were too big to put them on every nail, so on two of a smaller nails I added little round dazzlings reflecting light.

So what do you think about my simple IN LOVE nails?

I wish you all lovely St. Valentine’s Day!

Discoball nails

Hello everybody!
Let me first apologize for irregular updates. I hope I will be able to make some more nail designs soon and write more often.
So to the nails topic… This time I made nails with dazzling hexagons. They are kind of really big glitter and are great both for artificial and natural nails. They look really good embedded in gel because they give a feeling of a depth in the design. The advantage of using them on natural nails is that they are very thin and enough flexible to be applied straight on wet nail polish.
The design I made takes only couple of seconds longer than normal nail polish application. I put hexagons straight on wet nail polish organising them in irregular shapes and then applied two layers of top gloss. If some hexagons will stick out outside the nail edge you can cut them with small nail scissors or file them out with mild nail file.

I used fuchsia nail polish with a violet glow so I thought that blue hexagons will fit good here.
In sunlight or stronger artificial light this hexagons shine so bright that the nails look like a discoball.

I think this design is good for summer or a crazy saturday party 🙂