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Vampire nails

Today I started to make new glue on nails. It was going to be something sweet with acrylic stars. They turned to be something completely different becouse I was not in mood to make anything cute. I just finished one of the True Blood novels and now I started to read Anne Rice’s books. The atmosphere of a vampires stories a little bit took me in so I made vampire nails – dark but romantic in the same time.

On a black nail polish I added silver glitter. Vampires don’t like real silver, but they like glam so I guess silver coloured glitter is ok for them 😉
On the nail surface I added acrylic roses. I think roses goes good with vampires. To make roses I used soft 3D molds. Hand made roses would be better (ofcourse), but nowadays even vampires accept some industrial innovations.

Most vampires love to party, so their nails must look good in the artificial dimmed lights.

Now I am going back to my books 🙂

Thank you for coming.

Acrylic skulls with pink Hello Kitty bows

I was thinking about my last pictures of skulls on nails and I must admit that they need this Hello Kitty bows to look more friendly. I wanted to make red bows, but I didn’t have red acryl so I used pink instead. Now skulls look much more happy 🙂 My initial plan was add also some glitter or rhinestones, but after adding bows I decided that this is all they need 🙂

So how do you like the  more cute version ?

Rock style nails with skulls

Looks like my 3D moulds crazyness continues 🙂 Since I tried them with acryl instead of gel I like them so much. I wanted to use mould with skulls, but I didn’t want to make nails looking too serious. My first thought was (as always) to put a lot of colourful rhinestones on the nails, but I changed my mind and I used holographic black nail polish as a base instead. It kept the dark feeling but also added some light and colours to the design. Then I added white acrylic skulls, sealed everything with top coat and put metal bullions imitating  glowing eyes.

Very easy and fast to make design. Next time I will probably not resist and I will add some glitter and maybe Hello Kitty bows in the top of the skulls:)

Blue toe nails with acrylic flowers

I nearly always cover my toe nails with gel, but this time I decided to make some design on my natural nails.
I painted them with blue nail polish as a base. I was searching for colour like this for ages and finally I found one from ‘no name’ brand. I love this colour.I could wear it without any nail accessories, which is weird becouse I am a big fan of glitter and another shiny things:)

On the top of nails I added acrylic flowers. I made them using 3D moulds, so it is a little bit of cheating 🙂 Bare flowers were cute, but I had this feeling that something is missing, so I added here and there some silver metal bullions just to add some shininess.

I hope you like them:)