Rock style nails with skulls

Looks like my 3D moulds crazyness continues ๐Ÿ™‚ Since I tried them with acryl instead of gel I like them so much. I wanted to use mould with skulls, but I didn’t want to make nails looking too serious. My first thought was (as always) to put a lot of colourful rhinestones on the nails, but I changed my mind and I used holographic black nail polish as a base instead. It kept the dark feeling but also added some light and colours to the design. Then I added white acrylic skulls, sealed everything with top coat and put metal bullions imitating ย glowing eyes.

Very easy and fast to make design. Next time I will probably not resist and I will add some glitter and maybe Hello Kitty bows in the top of the skulls:)

4 thoughts on “Rock style nails with skulls

  1. Wooow!! They look super cool:D I didn’t know 3D mould can make such detailed design!! Kitty bow on the skull idea sounds so cuteXD Go for it!!!!

  2. Hello Minnie! I am happy that you like them:) Some of 3d moulds are really good. They are detailed and looks like they will last for long.

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