Pansy Flower Nails made with Coloured Pencils


Today I have Pansy Flower Nails for you.

To create this design I used acrylic paint, a pencil, coloured pencils and a top coat.

First I covered glue on nails with acrylic paint. When the paint dried the nail surface became a little bit rough, so it was possible to use a pencil to sketch the outlines of the Pansy Flowers. The smaller grooves the brush leaves in acrylic paint the easier it is to sketch on it. A sharpened pencil will draw stronger lines, a blunt more blurred. What I figured out making this nails is that the pencil should be soft but not too soft. If you use too hard pencil you may destroy the paint on the nail, too soft, from another hand, will smudge when you cover your drawing with a top coat.

To add a colour to the drawing, I used coloured pencils. Again, it is better to use soft ones.
On the top of a drawing I applied a top coat. Without it drawing would blur and fade.

While applying a top coat the sketch may smear, so it’s important to be careful while painting otherwise the drawing can be destroyed.

Thank you for coming!

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