IBD – Just Gel Polish – Scarlett Obsession

today I have swatches of IBD Just Gel Polish Scarlett Obsession to show you.

IBD Scarlett Obsession

Scarlett Obsession is a really stunning dark red with red shimmer.

IBD Just Gel Polish Scarlett Obsession

In the sunlight it looks brighter and more vibrant. I guess it’s because of this gorgeous shimmer.

IBD Red Nails

The formula and application of Scarlet Obsession was good. The polish didn’t pool around the cuticles and I didn’t notice shrink back. It is opaque with two to three coats without streaks.

Red Gel Polish

Overall, Scarlett Obsession is a beautiful, elegant deep red perfect for Valentine’s Day manicure.

Thank you for coming!

KIKO Nail Lacquer – Pearly Blue Peacock (530)

today I have a swatches of KIKO Nail LacquerPearly Blue Peacock (530) for you.

Kiko 530 Pearly Blue Peacock

As its name suggests this nail colour looks like iridescent peacock feathers. The base is dark blue with loads of shimmer. Depending on the light it changes colour from dark blue to emerald green with a hint of rich violet or golden brown. Unfortunately my camera didn’t quite capture this iridescence.

Kiko 530

The formula of this polish is great and the the application was smooth. These photos are 3 coats of polish and taken after two days of wear.

Kiko Nail Lacquer

Thank you for coming 🙂

Shimmery Gradient Nails


today I have my Shimmery Gradient Nails to show you.

Unicorn Nails

Back in the old days when I was painting my nails a lot with regular nail polish I loved to wear gradient nails, but I never before made this kind of gel manicure. This is my first attempt.

Sparkly Nails

As a base colour I used IBD JGP Seashell Pink and EzFlow TruGel Magic & Mischief for the tips. Blue Gel Polish is applied with a makeup sponge instead of brush. It is an easy way to create a gradient. Over the blue part I applied very fine glitter to add some shimmer. On some of the nails I applied silver rose nail stickers.

Blue Nails

I was very careful with the sponge application to not create too much mess around the cuticles. I was afraid that I will not cleanup properly before each curing and after that it is too late. I focused so much that in the end there was nearly no need for any cleanup at all. I didn’t mix the pink and the blue for a middle part of a gradient but I will definitely try to do it next time because it makes colour transition prettier.

Blue Gel Polish Nails

Thank you for coming!

Fuchsia Nail Design with IBD Just Gel Polish – Retro Rosette

today I have a photos of my current gel polish manicure to show you.

IBD Retro Rosette Gel Polish

The colour is IBD Just Gel Polish – Retro Rosette. You can read more about this gel polish in my other post HERE.

IBD Retro Rosette

On the accent nails I painted some lines using silver holographic glitter mixed with a gel polish top coat and added small rhinestones.

Pink Nail Design

Thank you for coming 🙂