On Ice nail polish from H&M

Today I have for you swatches of H&M On Ice nail polish. It’s in one of a standard H&M polish bottles, but this time with a print of Bambi and a Thumper. I must say that H&M is good at designing cute packages.

For me the name On Ice would suggest that polish will contains some glitter particles to add sparkle effect, but it’s just pure grey polish. It’s light shade of grey. In some types of light it looks like it have a mixture of baby blue colour in it.

On the pictures the nails are covered with only one coat and it’s enough to get a good shade. With only one coat it dries quickly, but if you would like to add a second one be prepared for annoying waiting.

I wear it on my fingernails for 3 days and it didn’t chip. I didn’t use base coat and it didn’t leave any stains on nails.
So I must say that I am very happy with this nail polish. Only one thing which is not so good here is a brush. Could be better, but it’s not a disaster 🙂

Thank you for coming!

2 thoughts on “On Ice nail polish from H&M

  1. Hello Stella. I don’t know if this polish have any dupe. Probably have and it would be nice to try it because On Ice have not so good brush.

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