New Year’s Eve gel toe nails


So Christmas is comming with a big steps. Did you already made your Christmas nail designs? I didn’t 🙂 I am afraid that I will make my nails now and trash them before Christmas Eve, so I am planning to leave this for later. I decided to take care of my toe nails instead. Christmas for me is usually not a time for open toe shoes so I already focused on New Year’s Eve design.

New Year’s Eve is still more than one week from now so I don’t know what clothes I will wear on this occasion. I decided use a design which always fits for this event – silver glitter.
I couldn’t decide if it should be just silver glitter or silver holographic glitter, but in the end I picked the holographic becouse it makes the sparkles more colourful and happy 🙂

Some of my toe nails were a little bit too short so I made gel extensions instead of just sprinkling glitter on a transparent nail polish. I also wanted to get this long lasting high gloss effect carried by the gel nails 🙂

On the big nail I added a black flower. Maybe just before New Years Eve I will attach some silver rhinestones to the nails 🙂

When my nails were ready I realized that I will most probably wear golden stillettos, so I actually should use some golden glitter instead of silver 🙂

I hope I will find some time to make a Christmas nail design and post it in time.

Have a nice day everybody and thanks for coming!

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