Neon Pink Toenails

today I have for you photos of my new Neon Pink Toenails.

Neon Pink Toenails

These are gel nails, but you can get the same effect using just a regular neon pink nail polish.

Pink Neon Toenails

Although my new toenails are super bright I couldn’t resist adding some rhinestones to make this design more shiny.

Pink Toenails with rhinestones

I attached silver rhinestones on wet top coat.

Neon pink toenails with rhinestones

I hope you like my simple toenails design.

Thank you for coming!

2 thoughts on “Neon Pink Toenails

    • Hi Lisa,
      it was long time ago I did those toenails so I dont remember the colour name. It was hard buff off gel.
      You can get this look using any neon JELLY pink colour.

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