Hello Kitty Bow made from Polymer Clay – Tutorial

Hello everybody.
Today I will show you how I make my homemade Hello Kitty Bows from polymer clay.
They are easy to make and you don’t need any special skills.
So here is a step by step tutorial.

Prepare polymer clay in any colour you like. You can make many bows in different colours in the same time,  just  remember to use same type of polymer clay. Polymer clay from different producers may require different baking time and temperature. You also need some small tools to shape your bows. Here I am using wooden toothpick and orange stick. They are both leaving a little bit of texture on the clay. I like this effect, but if you want your bows to be  more smooth use for example a dotting tool. It is good to have some tweezers also.

Make three small balls of clay. Two of the same size for a bow loops and one half the size for a bow knot. On the photo you can see a toothpick so you can imagine how big the clay portions are.

Take one of the bigger balls and make hole in it. I used the flat end of the toothpick.

Using two sticks shape the clay like on the photo and repeat these steps with second bigger ball of clay.

Place the bow loops together.

Take the smaller ball of clay and place it on the top of a bow loops. The bow doesn’t need to be perfect now, just make sure that it’s symmetric.

Now important part. Shape your bow.

The bow is ready, but it’s flat on the bottom. If you cure it right now the bow loops will stick out from the surface of the nail.

You can give a curvy shape to your bow by placing it on a nail. I am using artificial plastic nails, because I can put them in a cold place before baking the bows. The polymer clay become a little bit harder when kept in cold so it is easier to transfer the clay bows from the nail to the baking.

Bake the bows following the instructions on the package. I am using original Fimo Soft because it doesn’t loose the colour after baking and the baked objects are a little bit flexible so you can bend the bows while gluing them to the nails.

When the bows are cured you can paint them with transparent nail polish. It depends on you if you want to add the extra gloss. You can paint them when they are already attached to the nails, but I find it easier to do it now. Be careful during painting. If you take too much nail polish at a time you will pour the small details.

So this is how I make my Hello Kitty Bows for nail art. In the next post I will show how they look on nails.

Thank you for coming!


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