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Hello 🙂

Since I am not wearing any fake nails right now and my natural nails are short I wanted to try a nail care product which helps nails grow.
I decided to try Golden Rose Nail Growth. I never used any products from this Nail Care line, so I don’t know if it’s good or not, but I like other Golden Rose cosmetics.

In the bottle it’s orange jelly (or more like salmon pink jelly) colour. I was wondering how it looks on nails.

On the box is written that Nail Growth contributes to make nails grow longer, stronger and quicker. I hope it works like they say 🙂
The instructions suggest to apply one coat as a base coat or two coats for a natural nail make-up. Since they don’t write anything about how long should I use this conditioner to see visible results, using it as a base coat under regular nail polish seems like a good idea.

So here are the swatches of Nail Growth on my nails.
Picture taken in the shade

and picture taken in sunlight

One coat gives nearly no colour at all. Just adds shininess to the natural nails.
Two coats give a nice transparent colour. I must say that it really looks good. I also applied a third coat, but it didn’t give much stronger colour and this last layer was drying reallllly long.
I think two coats are good choice if you don’t want to apply any nail polish on the top.

I was wearing two coats on my nails for one day making all the usual housekeeping like washing the dishes and so on and it stayed on the nails. No chipping, peeling or cracking. I would say that its duration on the nails is actually pretty good.

To see some effects I would need to use it for a longer period of time. I hope I will manage to do it 🙂

Thank you for coming.

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