French toe nails with fruits


This time I made very simple nail art on my toe nails.
I painted them with baby pink nail polish and made red french tips. The whole design looked a little bit boring so I added some konad stamps. On one toe nail I stamped apple and on another strawberry. Both stamps you can find on plate number m55.
Here are my nails:

How do you paint french tips? I am using nail art pens. It’s very easy. Just one quick move and you have nice thin line.

Have a nice day everybody 🙂

5 thoughts on “French toe nails with fruits

  1. These are really cute! The pink and the red go really well together!

    I’m always really pedantic about my french lines… I own the nail art polishes but I only use them for lines. For french nails I always use the guide tapes even though it takes so long – I just hate imperfect tips XD!

  2. Long time no see~!!! I’m so sorry for not being able to visit you:( My work was so busy and I was away from blogging. Anyway I’m back now and looked at your older nail art as well! They’re sooooo cuuuute and beautiful!! The baby shower one is my favourite~xD This strawberry french nails are super cute too!!!!

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