Fimo mini cupcake

Hello everybody!

Looks like slowly slowly I should change name of the blog from Nails by Rabbit to Mini Sweets by Rabbit 🙂
I really enjoy making polymer clay sweets!

This time I made cupcake.

On the top of a cookie I mounted little screw eye so cupcake can be attached to something and become key ring, necklace, bag charm or something else 🙂

To make it I used original Fimo. I am really happy with this choice. There was no problem with sculpting. Fimo was soft and had nice texture. After baking it didn’t change colour and it’s also not so expensive. I think I will use this brand from now.

Have a nice weekend 🙂

2 thoughts on “Fimo mini cupcake

  1. What a cute little cupcake~!! It looks so smooth. Is it soft when you touch?? Hehehe, maybe you should change to blogger at the same time as you change the title, so that lots of people can follow your wonderful blog!!!

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