Dried flowers for nail decorations

One of the most nice nail decorations are dried flowers. They are available in different sizes, colors and shapes. Some of them are in natural colour and another are coloured. I never buy them but prepare them by myself. My favourite are Forget me nots. They are easy to dry, have proper size to fit on nails, are enough flexible so it’s easy to attache them and they keep their color after drying. I also love that they are blue 🙂

What you need to do to prepare them is carefully detach every flower. If you don’t have experience you may destroy couple of them in the beginning becouse they are fragile. Next put them between two clean paper sheets and press them with something heavy so they will get flat. When they are dry, pick one by one carefully, some of them will stick to the paper so it may be a bit of work to collect them.

Dried Forget me nots are good for decorating both natural and gel nails, but I actually like them more on natural ones. I just put flower on wet transparent nail polish and press gently so nothing is sticking out. The base layer should be thick enough for the flower to get glued on the nail surface. When the polish is dry, apply two or three layers of top coat and wait again until the polish is dry. Ready! It’s important to let the polish dry completely, if it is still wet under the flower everything can just slide from the nail. This kind of flowers are very thin so they don’t stick out and  you will not feel any bumps on the nail surface. Another nice thing about this decoration is that you will never get two identical flowers  so design will always be unique..

Next time I will try to dry some white flowers and then find a way to color them:)

3 thoughts on “Dried flowers for nail decorations

  1. Just let me ask you something, but have you ever tryed to dye them immersed in water them put them to dry? =3
    Some people make amazing roses with that (raibow roses)

    • Hello Puma Yui and I am sorry that I am answering on your comment so late.
      I never tried to dye them, but it sounds like great idea! I guess some white flowers would be good for dying. I will try this 🙂

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