Cuticle Oil

Cuticle oil

Cuticle oil is a moisturizer for nails and cuticles. It have in components different oils like avocado oil, grapeseeds oil, almond oil, jojoba. It often contains vitamins usually vitamin E.
Why use it? Already after one application cuticles looks better, they are softer and moisture. I recommend it for thouse who have problems with biting or pulling sticking out dry skin. After a regular use nails starts to grow faster, they are stronger and more flexible. Using cuticle oils is good after applying or removing artificial nails. During those processes cuticles can be little bit damaged by nail filing and products used for preparing natural nails uder gel or acryl. By applying oil nails very quickly comming back to good shape . Cuticle oil helps also with maintaining nails at home. If you suffer from overgrown cuticles, soften them with oil and then you can easily push them back with orange stick. Remember just to do it gentle and never use sharp objects to push cuticles. Moisture nails are also easier to cut. Never use oil before painting nails or before applying artificial nails. It will couse nail polish, acryl or gel lifting. Always apply it after.
Commercial cuticle oils differs a lot. Bottles often comes with little brushes. They looks like nail polish bottles. They are really easy to use. There are also oils available in pens. They are very good when you want to have them in your bag and apply during the day. They are small, light and will not spill inside your purse. You can also purchase bottles with droppers. Thet are available usually with big bottles used in salons where hygiene is veryimportant. Dropper never touch the finger so there is no warry that some particles will end up in oil bottle.
Using cuticle oil is very simple. Just pour a drop of oil on cuticles or paint cuticles with a brush or pen and then rub it in. Don’t use to much becouse it will not soak in and you will have greasy fingers. If you feel that your cuticles need a special treat just apply a little bit more of oil and leave it for the night.
The really lovely thing about cuticle oils is that they smells gorgeous. You can find them with fruit, flowery, candy and many more scents. They also have cute bottles with funny colours. Sometimes producers put inside coloured dried flowers or tiny sea shells so using it is really nice.
You can purchase them in almost every shop with cosmetics for bargain price or you can go for brands which cost more. But you
can also make moisturizing bath for your cutticles at home from olive oil. Just pour a little bit of oil into a bowl and dip your fingertips in this bath for 10 to 15 minutes. It’s better when oil is warm (but not hot!) becouse it better soaks in.
Use cuticle oil regulary and you will very fast see the diference in a shape of your nails.

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  1. Hi, I’m just starting to learn how to make nails, so please don’t make fun of me, but why not use something like olive oil?

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