Christmas nails

It is already this time of the year when all the nail blogers are posting their christmas nail designs. Everybody come up with their ideas, so do I. Here is my christmas nail design for this season – simple nail art with Holly.

As a base coat I used one of my favourite reds – H&M RED NAIL. Hollies are painted with acrylic paint with a green glitter sprinkled on them. After application of a top coat I added red rhinestones imitating red berries of the Holly shrub.

The leafs don’t need to be symetrical which makes this design fast and easy to make.
I took the pictures in different light to try to show the green glitter, but unfortunately it is not so easy to see it. I must work more on my taking the photos skills. Maybe it is a good New Year’s resolution? 🙂

Thank you for coming 🙂

6 thoughts on “Christmas nails

  1. Hey Rabbit, I love this and all the other nail art you created! I am completely useless when it comes to my nails. If they’re painted I already count myself lucky. You must have really steady hands for such delicate work!

    • Sunny thank you so much for your nice comment! Painting nails is easy for me, but when I paint my toe nails I have pain in my back for the next few days 😉

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