Valentines day nails with bullion beads

Today I want to show you my new Valentines Day Nail Design.
Recently I saw a lot of Caviar Nails so I bought some bullion beads for nail art.

bullion beads for nail art

Some of them are opaque other are transparent. I was really happy with them until I noticed that some colours of the beads are bleeding out after contact with my top coat. It happened when I was adding them onto the nails I made last time. I wanted to upgrade my old design and then the disaster came…

Bleeding out bullion beads

I put purple bullion beads straight onto the wet top coat. When I started to shape the heart in the middle I noticed that purple bullion beads are bleeding out. I was so unhappy because there was no good way to fix this.

Well, the ruined nails are of course not the end of the world. It is a good reason to make new ones 🙂 So I made this

Valentines day nails with bullion beads

For the base and the hearts I used acrylic paint. These paint has some tiny lumps in it so the nail surface is a bit uneven. I actually like it because it gives the rustic finish (it reminds me of oil paintings on canvas). Than I painted the nails with top coat and put bullion beads (not bleeding ones) on the edges of the hearts.

Nail caviar

To keep bullion beads in place I dropped small amount of polish inside the heart area. This sealed the edges of the bullion beads heart. I was very careful not to pour the polish outside the hearts or over the bullion beads and also to secure every little bead. Then the drying time was sooo long, so I was happy that I made this design on glue on nails not on my natural 🙂

Nail art with bullion beads

The one more thing which I don’t like about the bullion beads I bought is that the beads are not equal size. I guess if you are making caviar nails fully covered with bullion beads the difference in beads size is not so important (maybe it is?), but if I make lines with beads I want them equal othervise lines look wavy and not so nice. You can see it on the heart made on index finger nail.

Do you use bullion beads for the nail art? I know that it takes forever to work with them, but I think that the end effect is so lovely!

Thank you for coming!

Hello Kitty Bow made from Polymer Clay – Tutorial

Hello everybody.
Today I will show you how I make my homemade Hello Kitty Bows from polymer clay.
They are easy to make and you don’t need any special skills.
So here is a step by step tutorial.

Prepare polymer clay in any colour you like. You can make many bows in different colours in the same time,  just  remember to use same type of polymer clay. Polymer clay from different producers may require different baking time and temperature. You also need some small tools to shape your bows. Here I am using wooden toothpick and orange stick. They are both leaving a little bit of texture on the clay. I like this effect, but if you want your bows to be  more smooth use for example a dotting tool. It is good to have some tweezers also.

Make three small balls of clay. Two of the same size for a bow loops and one half the size for a bow knot. On the photo you can see a toothpick so you can imagine how big the clay portions are.

Take one of the bigger balls and make hole in it. I used the flat end of the toothpick.

Using two sticks shape the clay like on the photo and repeat these steps with second bigger ball of clay.

Place the bow loops together.

Take the smaller ball of clay and place it on the top of a bow loops. The bow doesn’t need to be perfect now, just make sure that it’s symmetric.

Now important part. Shape your bow.

The bow is ready, but it’s flat on the bottom. If you cure it right now the bow loops will stick out from the surface of the nail.

You can give a curvy shape to your bow by placing it on a nail. I am using artificial plastic nails, because I can put them in a cold place before baking the bows. The polymer clay become a little bit harder when kept in cold so it is easier to transfer the clay bows from the nail to the baking.

Bake the bows following the instructions on the package. I am using original Fimo Soft because it doesn’t loose the colour after baking and the baked objects are a little bit flexible so you can bend the bows while gluing them to the nails.

When the bows are cured you can paint them with transparent nail polish. It depends on you if you want to add the extra gloss. You can paint them when they are already attached to the nails, but I find it easier to do it now. Be careful during painting. If you take too much nail polish at a time you will pour the small details.

So this is how I make my Hello Kitty Bows for nail art. In the next post I will show how they look on nails.

Thank you for coming!


Dried flowers for nail decorations

One of the most nice nail decorations are dried flowers. They are available in different sizes, colors and shapes. Some of them are in natural colour and another are coloured. I never buy them but prepare them by myself. My favourite are Forget me nots. They are easy to dry, have proper size to fit on nails, are enough flexible so it’s easy to attache them and they keep their color after drying. I also love that they are blue 🙂

What you need to do to prepare them is carefully detach every flower. If you don’t have experience you may destroy couple of them in the beginning becouse they are fragile. Next put them between two clean paper sheets and press them with something heavy so they will get flat. When they are dry, pick one by one carefully, some of them will stick to the paper so it may be a bit of work to collect them.

Dried Forget me nots are good for decorating both natural and gel nails, but I actually like them more on natural ones. I just put flower on wet transparent nail polish and press gently so nothing is sticking out. The base layer should be thick enough for the flower to get glued on the nail surface. When the polish is dry, apply two or three layers of top coat and wait again until the polish is dry. Ready! It’s important to let the polish dry completely, if it is still wet under the flower everything can just slide from the nail. This kind of flowers are very thin so they don’t stick out and  you will not feel any bumps on the nail surface. Another nice thing about this decoration is that you will never get two identical flowers  so design will always be unique..

Next time I will try to dry some white flowers and then find a way to color them:)



Fimo is a very popular product for a nail art. You can buy it in canes and cut it into desired slices or buy it already cuted. They have different colours and shapes – fruits, candy, flowers, smiles, animals and so on. They look beautiful on gel or acrylic nails. You can   also use them with regular clear nail polish, but slices must be very thin otherwise they might stick out. When used with gel nails the best is to put them on first layer and then build the nail over the fimo.