Nails with Hello Kitty Bow

Last time I was posting tutorial how to make Hello Kitty Bows from polymer clay. Today I want to show how this bow looks on nails.
Link to the tutorial is here.

As a base I used H&M On Ice nail polish. French tips are painted with acrylic paint. On the top I added transparent nail polish and put the bow on it.

Thank you for coming.

Green french gel nails


This time I am posting a photos of a green french gel nails. I wanted something really simple and looking happy.

For making this nails I used coloured light green french tips and nail stickers with flowers. I really like this design. Simple and reminding me of spring 🙂

Only one thing I don’t like is that I was to lazy and used green french tips instead of green gel to make nail endings. By glueing tips to the very short nails I made them looking shorter than they actually are. You can see it on this picture of the thumb.

When you are making french nails you should try to make nail bed optically longer, so you want to put smile line as near the free edge of a nail as possible. When you are making artificial french nails or if you are painting french endings on a natural long nails you can also move smile line beyond free edge and hide the real line with not transparent nail polish, gel or acryl. Good thing is also to make smile line a little bit deeper than the natural one especially when your nails are wide.

Thank you for coming!

French toe nails with fruits


This time I made very simple nail art on my toe nails.
I painted them with baby pink nail polish and made red french tips. The whole design looked a little bit boring so I added some konad stamps. On one toe nail I stamped apple and on another strawberry. Both stamps you can find on plate number m55.
Here are my nails:

How do you paint french tips? I am using nail art pens. It’s very easy. Just one quick move and you have nice thin line.

Have a nice day everybody 🙂

French nails with a dark blue cracked ice glitter flakes

Hello everybody!

This time I wanted to use cracked ice glitter flakes. It’s a foil cut into small irregular pieces. The one I used is dark blue, transparent and gives some green and orange reflections.

In a jar it looks like this

I used it to make french nails with flakes added on a smile line. To make the nails more colourful I used also a golden pearl gel. This is how the nails look

In a daylight this gel gives silver shimmer effect with a little bit of warm gold reflections.

In an artificial light it looks gold. I really like this effect!

Unfortunately I cannot take a good picture which shows how exactly this foil shines in the light. I hope you can see the effect.

Have a nice weekend!