Blue toe nails with acrylic flowers

I nearly always cover my toe nails with gel, but this time I decided to make some design on my natural nails.
I painted them with blue nail polish as a base. I was searching for colour like this for ages and finally I found one from ‘no name’ brand. I love this colour.I could wear it without any nail accessories, which is weird becouse I am a big fan of glitter and another shiny things:)

On the top of nails I added acrylic flowers. I made them using 3D moulds, so it is a little bit of cheating 🙂 Bare flowers were cute, but I had this feeling that something is missing, so I added here and there some silver metal bullions just to add some shininess.

I hope you like them:)

4 thoughts on “Blue toe nails with acrylic flowers

  1. I love the colour of the polish too! Flowers are very neat and pretty, 3D mould sounds like a really handy;) Very beautiful design, Rabbit:))))

  2. Thank You Minnie! 3D moulds are really handy, but you don’t need them! You are creating so beautiful things without tools like that 🙂 I bought this moulds for gel, but actually they are much better for acryl.

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