Blue (again) gel toe nails with red fimo flowers

It’s been a while since I made my last artificial nails. I was wearing my natural nails just polished and with some nail art added on top, but now I wanted my gel nails back 🙂

Maybe it’s a little bit boring, but I again made them in my favourite blue colour. Blue or violet goes good with most of my outfits, so I don’t need to think a lot if my clothes are matching my nails. It’s a great time saver, isn’t it 😉 To make this nails more alive I embedded some red fimo flowers. I was afraid that the fimos would stick out too much, because the flowers are overlapping each other, but it turned out ok.

I’m thinking about making fimo canes by myself. It can be a great fun to do it and than use it on own nails 🙂

2 thoughts on “Blue (again) gel toe nails with red fimo flowers

  1. Yaay!! Great to see you back XD I love this design very much!! So smooth and shiny even with fimo flowers!! Do you play with clay a lot?? I have no idea how to make fimo sticks by myself;p

  2. Hello Minnie! Thanks for visiting 🙂
    I started a little bit with clay. I made my first mini cake, but unfortunately there was a little accident during baking 😉
    I must say its a great fun to make this things ! As soon as I will make some interesting things I will post it here 🙂
    You should start with fimo sticks becouse you are very talented so I am sure results will be great!

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