Archive | March 2016

Blue Nails with Splash Design

today I have photos of my current nail design to show you.

LeChat - Perfect Match - Skies the Limit

The blue gel polish is LeChat Perfect Match Skies the Limit. It is a thermo gel polish changing colour depending on the temperature. If you like this colour you can read more about it in my other post here.

Thermo Gel Polish

Skies the Limit looks very good on longer nails when there is a temperature difference between the nail bed area of the nail and the free edge. It creates nice ombre effect.
On the photo below my nails are cold so the polish changes colour into a darker blue.

Gel Polish Design

On the accent nail I made a random splash design using different gel polish colours.

LeChat - Mood Gel Polish

I added a little bit of Skies the Limit to the splash design so it also changes depending on the temperature.

Thank you for coming!