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Maybelline – Color Show – Pow Green

Today I have for you swatches of my newly bought nail polish – MaybellineColor ShowPow Green 754.
When I saw the selection of the nail polishes from Color Show line I wanted to pick other colours than that, but because I don’t have so much greens in my collection I chose this one.

Maybelline Color Show - Pow Green 754

In the bottle in artificial light in the shop this polish looked like light pastel green but a bit neonish. I thought that it will be good colour for summertime on the beach but not for everyday wear. I was wrong.

Maybelline Color Show Pow Green

On the nails it loses its neonish part and turns rather into some kind of light dirty green. It is much more suitable for everyday wear than I thought. I am not a big fan of this colour because it doesn’t go good with my skin tone but if you look good in green this polish can be actually a nice choice.

Maybelline - Color Show- Pow Green - swatch

One coat of Pow Green on the nails is definitely not enough. Two are ok if you are very careful with painting, but in my opinion it is not so easy to work with it. Three coats are giving a good colour saturation and coverage without any smudges.

Green nail polish

It is not expensive nail polish so I think I will buy one or two more colours from this collection. If the price would be higher I would skip it.

Thank you for coming!

Glitter toe nails

It’s been ages since I was wearing gel toe nails so I made new one. I wanted something shiny (as usual) so I made gel toe nails with glitter gradation.

Gel toe nails

To make them I used 5 different shades of pink glitter to build the gradient, which I must say could be better. Here and there are embedded pink bullion beads in 3 shades of pink and the pink transparent dazzlings. I must look very close to see that there are different things inside (which is difficult thing to do with your own toe nails), but main purpose of all this things is that they should just shine.

Glitter gel toe nails

I added some pink rhinestones on the top of the nails but I was not happy with this look. Good that they were attached on the little drop of top coat only, so removing them was easy. If they would be attached on nail glue I would leave them there.

Glitter toe nails

Thank you for coming!