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St. Valentine’s Day toe nail art

The 14 of February is comming soon so I already made my St. Valentine’s Day nail art design on my toe nails. Here they are.

I used magenta gel. I decided that I must use some kind of pink or red colour. On the big toe nails I embedded in gel violet fimo hearts. They were too big to put them on every nail, so on two of a smaller nails I added little round dazzlings reflecting light.

So what do you think about my simple IN LOVE nails?

I wish you all lovely St. Valentine’s Day!

Golden Rose Magnetic Nail Lacquer swatches

This is just a quick post with some nail polish swatches. A while ago I got a present – bottle of Golden Rose Magnetic Nail Lacquer number 05. I was posting about this polish HERE.

Yesterday I was visiting my friend who is a happy owner of another colour from this collection. We were comparing the polishes and here are the swatches.

There are two colours, number 5 and number 3. I was trying to make as good photos as I can, but I think in reality colours are a little bit different than on the swatches here. Colour of this type of polish also depends on the angle and light becouse it has some metallic dust.
Both photos I took in a daylight.

On the nails this two colours look very similar. I think that 03 gives a little bit stronger stripes effect.
I must say that both polishes are lovely.
I will try to get more of them becouse I definitely love this magnetic effect!

Thank you for coming 🙂

Green french gel nails


This time I am posting a photos of a green french gel nails. I wanted something really simple and looking happy.

For making this nails I used coloured light green french tips and nail stickers with flowers. I really like this design. Simple and reminding me of spring 🙂

Only one thing I don’t like is that I was to lazy and used green french tips instead of green gel to make nail endings. By glueing tips to the very short nails I made them looking shorter than they actually are. You can see it on this picture of the thumb.

When you are making french nails you should try to make nail bed optically longer, so you want to put smile line as near the free edge of a nail as possible. When you are making artificial french nails or if you are painting french endings on a natural long nails you can also move smile line beyond free edge and hide the real line with not transparent nail polish, gel or acryl. Good thing is also to make smile line a little bit deeper than the natural one especially when your nails are wide.

Thank you for coming!