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Classics Metallic Nail Lacquer with orange rhinestones

Just before Christmas my friend gave me a new bottle of nail polish. It’s called Classics Metallic Nail Lacquer number 8. Never heard of them before.

I usually don’t write here about nail polishes, but this one looks very pretty in the bottle. It’s green metallic which in the bottle changes colour to emerald and blue. You can see on the photo how beautiful it looks throu the glass!

On the nails in most of the lights it looses this blue colour. Still, it’s very pretty metallic green!

Sometimes when the light is not so bright you can see a hint of emerald.

If you read my previous posts you probably know that I am a big fan of nail art, so I didn’t want to leave my nails just covered with nail polish. I wanted something extra on them. Just becouse it’s festiv time of the year I added some orange rhinestones to complete the mani.

Unfortunately this rhinestones are very poor quality, so they are not equal. If you look close you can see how uneven they are. I attached them using regular transparent nail polish. When I am adding rhinestones on the top of gel nails I use nail glue, but with normal mani this feels like a little bit overdoing it. I never add any top coat over the rhinestones, they loose shinines.

I am very happy with my latest nail polish manicures on my short short nails, but probably just before New Year’s Eve I will not resist and I will make some gel extenstions 🙂

Thanks for coming!

Christmas greetings with acrylic flowers :)


Do you already have your Christmas nail designs on your nails? I think I will not have enough time to make my own.
The good thing is that my previous mani is still in good shape so I will not change it.
Anyway, I was thinking that it would be nice to post Christmas Greetings and becouse it’s a nail blog I will also attach some nails picures 🙂
So here they are!

I made this glue on nails long time ago and they were lying in my nail stash. To make them I used baby pink nail polish as a base, then I sculptured pink acrylic flowers and jammed little shiny rhinestones in the middle of the flowers. As everybody knows rhinestones are good so I added some big ones to make this nails a little bit kawaii style 🙂
So what do you think? Are they kawaii?

I wish you very Merry Christmas full of joy, happiness and peace. May Santa be good to you and bring you a lot of  lovely presents!

Thank you for coming!

Golden Rose Magnetic Nail Lacquer

Hello 🙂

Yesterday I got a bottle of my first Magnetic Nail Polish. I am so happy! It’s Golden Rose Magnetic Nail Lacquer number 5. It’s kind of pinkish purple colour. It came in set with small magnet which you use to create stripes on your nails.

All you need to do is paint your nails and when the polish is still wet hold the magnet over a nail at a short distance for couple of seconds.
This is how my nails look after painting.

In the beginning I thought that I will go crazy with this polish. I was trying to apply too thick layer so everything looked just bad. I also touched wet nail surface with a magnet couple of times, so there was a lot of repainting:)
Then I discovered that I am trying too hard. Key to the success is just paint the nail with not so thick and not so thin one layer and hoover the magnet. Actually the less precise I was the better pattern appeared:)

You can turn magnet and get a different direction of the stripes. This gives more possibilities for getting fun designs.

I think that this polish is really nice. Easy to apply. It dryes fast. It also shines nicely so you don’t need to put any top coats. I have it on my nails for a whole day and it doesn’t chip at all.
I am really happy with it!

As I said this is my first magnetic nail polish, but I remember that there was similar polish from Loreal, just with a difference, that you could make splash patterns instead of stripes. Did you ever tried it?

I will think about some designs using this polish as a base 🙂

Have a nice day everybody!


New Year’s Eve gel toe nails


So Christmas is comming with a big steps. Did you already made your Christmas nail designs? I didn’t 🙂 I am afraid that I will make my nails now and trash them before Christmas Eve, so I am planning to leave this for later. I decided to take care of my toe nails instead. Christmas for me is usually not a time for open toe shoes so I already focused on New Year’s Eve design.

New Year’s Eve is still more than one week from now so I don’t know what clothes I will wear on this occasion. I decided use a design which always fits for this event – silver glitter.
I couldn’t decide if it should be just silver glitter or silver holographic glitter, but in the end I picked the holographic becouse it makes the sparkles more colourful and happy 🙂

Some of my toe nails were a little bit too short so I made gel extensions instead of just sprinkling glitter on a transparent nail polish. I also wanted to get this long lasting high gloss effect carried by the gel nails 🙂

On the big nail I added a black flower. Maybe just before New Years Eve I will attach some silver rhinestones to the nails 🙂

When my nails were ready I realized that I will most probably wear golden stillettos, so I actually should use some golden glitter instead of silver 🙂

I hope I will find some time to make a Christmas nail design and post it in time.

Have a nice day everybody and thanks for coming!