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Gel toe nails with snow

Hello everybody!

Long time ago I wrote a post about ‘snow’ glitter. I used special white glitter which looks like snow flakes. The old post is HERE. I haven’t been using this glitter since then so I was thinking that it would be nice to make some new ‘winter’ design. This is how the ‘snow’ looks in the jar.

Actually I love this glitter when it’s used on natural nails just covered with top coat. It’s a little bit rough and gives some sparkles from time to time like a real snow surface. Under the gel the effect is completely different and it looks rather like thick flour than a snow.
So here are my gel toe nails which I am wearing now.

I am not a biggest fan of a white colour so I added some nail stickers with black flowers to make contrast.

Have a nice weekend 🙂

White nails with swirly lollipops

Hello everybody!

A while ago I bought some acrylic miniatures for nails. It was a pack of pink swirly lollipops which you can put on nails or any another surface you desire.

I like them, but I think that they are a little bit to thick so they will be sticking out from a nail surface. There are probably thousants of ways to use them to make some nice kawaii nails, but I don’t have any good idea (yet). So I decided to paint some lollipops on the nails instead.

I used three colours of acrylic paint. White, baby blue and baby pink.

First I painted nails with regular white nail polish. Than I painted lollipops with acrylic paint and when the paint was completely dry I added two layers of top coat.
Effect was nice, but not nice enough. There was empty spaces, so I added some shiny pearls. I think they go good with kawaii style nails.

So here is the end effect:

The lollipops were a little bit clumpy. I am not so good at using acrylic paint, so I guess there was some mistake with painting process 🙂 After applying top coat lollipops looked much smoother.

Do you like swirly lollipops? I never tried them, but I think they look very cute 🙂

Have a nice weekend!

Fimo mini cupcake

Hello everybody!

Looks like slowly slowly I should change name of the blog from Nails by Rabbit to Mini Sweets by Rabbit 🙂
I really enjoy making polymer clay sweets!

This time I made cupcake.

On the top of a cookie I mounted little screw eye so cupcake can be attached to something and become key ring, necklace, bag charm or something else 🙂

To make it I used original Fimo. I am really happy with this choice. There was no problem with sculpting. Fimo was soft and had nice texture. After baking it didn’t change colour and it’s also not so expensive. I think I will use this brand from now.

Have a nice weekend 🙂