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Gel french nails with golden holographic flowers

It was long ago I was wearing french nails. I know that french nails are good for almost every occasion and go with nearly all outfits, but I really like when my nails are shiny with some nail art added. So this time I decided to make french nails and add little golen holographic flowers. Gold is not really my colour, but I like it from time to time.

Purple toe nails with pink and white flowers

To make these toe nails I used purple gel and nail stickers with pink and white flowers.
Some of those stickers are not smooth but have texture similar to suede. I was curious how this will look embedded into gel but actually you must look very close to see some difference (and with toe nails that’s pretty difficult).

This is again extremely easy nail design. I used here only one trick. Some of the stickers had little shiny rhinestones glued on. If this rhinestones would be covered with gel they would loose shininess. To avoid that I gently detached stones from the stickers and when the nails were ready I painted them with top coat and glued the rhinestones back on the top in the place where they shoud be on the stickers. I don’t know if this will work with all stickers but with mine it went smooth.

Glue-on nails painted with blue and white acrylic paint

I still enjoy wearing my purple gel nails, so I decided to leave them on, and instead decorated some glue-on nails.
I used blue and white acrylic paint.

I used a piece of sponge to apply the paint. The sponge technique gave the nails uneven surface so it looks like paint was splashed on a nail surface. When the paint was dry I painted the nails with top coat.

This is how it turned out.

Red toe nails with black curvy design

For New Year’s Eve I painted my toe nails like that. I used red nail polish by H&M and Konad stamping plate number m51. I more and more like konad stamps. Just couple of minutes and you can enjoy beautifly finished nails. I also love their Top Coat. It shines beautifly and last for very very long.