Soak-off Gel Polish Pedicure

December 10th, 2014

today I have photos of my new pedicure design for you.

Gel Polish Toenails Design
This design is made with gel polishes except for stripes which are made with hard gel.
The black dots decorations are very thin so I embeded them straight in top coat.

Gel Polish Toenails

Thank you for coming :)


French Manicure with Soak-off Gel Polish

December 9th, 2014

today I have photos of my French Manicure for you.

French Nails Gel Polish

For this design I used transparent gel polish base, white gel polish for the nail tips and sealed it with transparent gel polish top coat.

Gel Polish Nails Design
I always prefer to have some small decorations on my nails so I added yellow glittery flower nail stickers.

French Manicure Gel Polish

Thank you for coming :)


Gel nail polish toenails design with glitter and flowers

October 30th, 2014

today I have photos of my new toenails design for you.

Gel nail polish toenails design
I used pink soak-off gel nail polish with golden shimmer. Then I added golden glitter on the outlines of the nails and nail stickers with golden roses.

Gel nail polish pedicure
And one more photo

Gel nail polish pedicure design

Thank you for coming :)

Black Toenails Design

July 28th, 2014


today I have photos of my new black toenails for you.

Black and Silver Toenails
For this design I used black soak-off gel polish, fine silver holographic glitter, chunky silver holographic glitter and two types of silver holographic stars.

Below is a photo taken in the sunshine and with a flash.

Toenails Design
And one more taken in the similar light.

Black Toenails Design
Thank you for coming!

Toenails design with nail art transfer foil

June 12th, 2014

today I will show you a photos of my toenails design with nail art transfer foil.

Toenails with nail art transfer foil
For this design I used a silver holographic transfer foil. Here is the photo of it taken indoors and without any artificial light.

Nail Art Transfer Foil - Silver

When I took the foil outside to the very strong sunlight I couldn’t believe that it shines so intense. I would be so happy if this effect appear on the nails.

Nail Art Transfer Foil
So I was very excited about this transfer foil but unfortunately the end effect was not as good as I expected.
Aplication of the foil was easy. I didn’t have a special nail art foil adhesive so I was transfering it straight onto the nail polish. I painted the nails with a base colour and then added a top coat. When the last coat was nearly dry I pressed the foil shiny side up on the nail surface and the pattern transfered to the nail.
The pieces of the foil were reflecting light really nice until I sealed the nail with the top coat. My top coat made the foil dull and it looked like normal tin foil for kitchen use. I read on the other nail blogs that many of the top coats are making nail art foil cloudy. I also read that some water based top coats are working good with nail foil. I must try to find some good sealer because I am definitely not giving up with this foils.
So I tried to do my pedi once again but this time using uv gel top coat as a sealer and the effect was much better but still some shininess disappeared.

The best holo effect on my nails is seen in a sunshine or in an artificial light. In daylight but without sunshine it looks just like a silver foil. I still like it.

Here is a photo of my toenails taken outside in a daylight without a flash and without sunshine.

Nail design with nail art transfer foil
Here is a photo which actually shows foil holo effect. It is taken indoors with the natural light and the camera flash.

Toenails design with nail art transfer foil

For this design I used Astor Fashion Studio nail polish in Soft Poppy (236). Unfortunately the photos do not represent the real colour of this polish. When I was taking the photos there were a thunder clouds coming and the sunlight was a bit strange. I guess this is the reason why I couldn’t catch the real colour. In fact Soft Poppy is a mix of a coral with pink and is very beautiful and vibrant. I really love it and use it a lot.

I will definitelly buy more colours of the nail art transfer foil and try to find a top coat which works good with it.

Thank you for coming!