Kawaii Toenails with Rhinestones

April 18th, 2014

today I have for you photos of my new gel toenails.

Kawaii Toe Nails
This design is good for summer. It needs sunshine to sparkle.

Kawaii Toenails
As a base I used loaded with glitter and dazzlings pink uv gel. Pink neon flowers are made from acryl using 3D molds. Around the flowers I added different sizes and shapes of rhinestones.

Kawaii Toenails with Rhinestones
I hope you like this toenails design :)

Thank you for coming.

Snow White Toenails

January 17th, 2014

today I have for you photos of my Snow White Toenails.

Snow White Toenails

The Snow White face is a sticker. It is not a nail sticker but a regular one cut so it fits to the toenail. The sticker was very stiff and really didn’t want to cooperate while embedding into a gel. Around the Snow White I put silver holo dazzlings.

Blue Toenails

Do you like the nails and toenails designs where every nail is different? I love this trend.

Have a nice weekend and thank you for coming!

Neon Pink Toenails

November 25th, 2013

today I have for you photos of my new Neon Pink Toenails.

Neon Pink Toenails
These are gel nails, but you can get the same effect using just a regular neon pink nail polish.

Pink Neon Toenails
Although my new toenails are super bright I couldn’t resist adding some rhinestones to make this design more shiny.

Pink Toenails with rhinestones

I attached silver rhinestones on wet top coat.

Neon pink toenails with rhinestones

I hope you like my simple toenails design.

Thank you for coming!

Violet gel toenails

September 4th, 2013

after a longer break I have for you photos of my new violet gel toenails.

Violet Gel Toenails
This time I made them square.

Gel Toenails
On the big toenail are embedded fine glitter dust, glitter flakes and two colours of star shaped dazzlings.

Gel nail with dazzlings

It is a good nail design for summer. All that glitters and dazzlings shine so bright in the sun. It was tempting actually to add some rhinestones also :)

Violet Toenails


Thank you for coming and have a good day :)

White Toenails with Blue Glitter and Dazzlings

June 16th, 2013


Today I have for you photos of my glittery toenails.

White and blue toenails

I used white gel as a base. Than I embedded three (or four, I don’t remember now) types of blue glitter. Mixing different glitters adds some more dimension to the design. There are also two types of star shaped dazzlings and shiny hearts.

White toenails with blue glitter and dazzlings
You can easily make this design using standard nail polishes instead of uv gel.

White and blue pedicure
And one more photo in dimmed light.

Blue Toenails
Thank you for coming!