Manicure and Pedicure with IBD Just Gel Polish – Retro Rosette

May 26th, 2015

today I have a photos of my summer style gel polish manicure and pedicure.

Gel Polish Pedicure IBD Just Gel Polish

For this design I used IBD Just Gel Polish – Retro Rosette and silver holographic glitter.

IBD Just Gel Polish Retro Rosette
Retro Rosette is a really stunning colour. It is a beautiful creme fuchsia. It gives good coverage with two coats, but here I painted three coats as I usually do. In a sunshine it has a neon undertone which makes it very vibrant, but when the light is dimmed Retro Rosette becomes more like darker magenta.
I did not have any problems with application of Retro Rosette. It did not shrink or pool on the cuticles.

Gel Polish Manicure
On an accent nail I added silver holographic glitter. After curing a base coat I painted the nail with a thin coat of gel polish top coat and added small amount of glitter with a clean gel brush. After curing this coat I repeated glitter application twice so finally I had three coats of glitter which gave good coverage. The glitter is sealed with two coats of gel top coat.

IBD JGP Retro Rosette
On my thumbs I painted shiny lines using glitter mixed with a gel polish top coat.

Gel Polish Pedicure
On my feet I made similar design as on my fingernails. I also added small silver stars on a big toenails.

I do not usually have a matching mani and pedi but I like it a lot so I think from now I will do this more often.

Thank you for coming :)

Gelish Trends – Lots of Dots

April 27th, 2015

today I have swatches of Lots of Dots from Gelish Trends collection. Lots of Dots was released in October 2013, so it is available for a while now.

Gelish Lots of Dots over IBD Seashell Pink
Lots of Dots is a gel polish which can be worn over another gel polish colour or as a stand-alone product applied over a gel base coat. It contains different colors of tiny little dots in a clear base. What differs it from most of toppers is that it does not glitter.

Gelish- Trends -Lots of Dots
You can see on the photos how loaded with dots it is. Don’t forget to give it a good shake before the application.

Gelish Trends Lots of Dots
Below are swatches of Lots of Dots over white tips.

Gelish Trends  -  Lots of Dots
You can see that one coat already gives pretty nice effect. I applied it using dabbing technique, so it took a bit longer, but application was easy and smooth. Gel was self leveling and didn’t pool at the cuticles, so moving the dots around with the brush was easy.

Gelish Trends Lots of Dots over IBD JGP Seashell Pink

Here is my mani I am wearing right now. I applied one coat of Lots of Dots over three coats of IBD Just Gel Polish – Seashell Pink. I finished my manicure with one coat of gel top coat which was enough to seal the dots and get smooth nail surface without the bumps.
I think this gel polish is pretty great because you can overlay with it many different gel polish colours and get new looks.

Gelish Lots of Dots over IBD JGP Seashell Pink

Thank you for coming :)

Teal Nails with Flowers

April 15th, 2015

today I have photos of my teal nails with silver flowers to show you.


Unfortunately I just couldn’t catch the real colour on my camera. In reality this gel polish is much more green but on the photos it looks blue.

Nails with flowers
I like this kind of colour on short, rounded nails. I think it gives a very cute look.

Thank you for coming!

China Glaze – Gelaze – Flip Flop Fantasy Toenails Design

April 3rd, 2015

today I have photos of my new Toenails Design.

Gelaze Flip Flop Fantasy
For this design I used China Glaze Gelaze Flip Flop Fantasy gel polish. I absolutely love this glowing peach colour, especially for summer.
Since Gelaze does not require base coat it is faster to finish my nails and I so much appreciate it when I struggle to bend to my own toenails.

Neon Toenails

On some of the toenails I added golden holographic glitter and nail stickers with golden butterflies. I wear this gel polish a lot and I think it goes really good with golden colours.

I covered this design with two coats of Gelaze Top Coat to be sure that the glitter on the edges of a nails is properly sealed.

Summer Toenails
Thank you for coming :)

Simple Violet and Yellow Nail Design

February 6th, 2015

today I have photos of my simple violet and yellow nail design.

Violet and yellow nail design

This time I used regular nail polish instead of gel polish and it felt like forever to wait for my nails to dry.

Simple nail design

On my right hand I made the same design but I reversed the colours.

Thank you for coming!